What is CHME?

CHME is an influential organisation which lobbies government bodies and external organisations to strengthen and develop hospitality management education.

CHME’s stated purpose is to contribute to the professional development and status of the UK and International Hospitality Management education, through the sharing of best practices in scholarship and pedagogy.

CHME’s Mission

Our core purpose is to foster excellence in international hospitality management education through cutting-edge research, innovative and engaging pedagogies and meaningful collaborations with value-based education providers and hospitality industry partners.

This is achieved through different in fulfilling the seven key objectives outlined below:

CHME’s Values

CHME has adopted the values of being Hospitable, Responsible, and Supportive.

We promote the hospitable values of kindness, generosity, empathy, and a welcoming spirit.

We promote socio-economically and environmentally responsible practices that embrace diversity, inclusion, and community.

We are a future-oriented and supportive community of academics championing best practices in international hospitality management education, research and knowledge exchange, providing ongoing support for Early Career Researchers and Post Graduate Researchers.

Promote high quality

Promote high quality and internationally relevant hospitality management education.

Good practise

Promote and disseminate good practice in learning, teaching and assessment and in curriculum development​.

Enhances curriculum development

Promote and disseminate research and scholarship which informs and enhances curriculum development and approaches to learning, teaching and assessment.

Annual research conference

The annual research conference provides a valuable platform for knowledge exchange  attracting delegates from across the world.

Practice in the hospitality industry

Promote and disseminate research and scholarship which informs practice in the hospitality industry.

Links between industry and education

Promote effective and beneficial links between industry and education.

Support to other organizations

Support organisations with an interest in hospitality and education.